Cara Menggunakan Pantone

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Cara Menggunakan Pantone – How to use the Pantone system

The Pantone solid color system, with over 1100 unique, numbered colors, was originally devised to help printers and designers specify and control colors for print projects. This is the most widely used Pantone palette, with colors sometimes referred to as ‘PMS’ (for Pantone Matching System) or ‘spot colors’, and is used in the graphics, print, and publishing, industries.

How a Graphic Designer uses the Pantone System:

formula guideA graphic designer is designing an identity package. She looks through a Pantone solid color formula guide (based upon the Pantone Matching System) until she finds a red color she likes.

formula guide 1She really likes Pantone 199 Red. It’s perfect for the client, and will be used as the primary color for the logo and any identity work that may follow



log_as_designed199_chipShe designs the logo, and specifies Pantone 199 red as the primary color for the logo and business cards. The client ok’s the proofs, and the designer sends the job along to the printer, including a Pantone color chip for exact color reference.


job_ticketThe printer looks up the color the designer specified (Pantone 199 Red) in the Pantone formula guide, and specifies that color on the job ticket.




formula guide 1When the job goes to the press, the press operator finds that color (Pantone 199 Red) in their Pantone guide. There is a mixing formula in the guide (circled) for the press operator to follow.


inkmixingThe press operator takes 12 oz. of Pantone Rubine Red ink, and 4 oz. of Pantone Yellow ink, and mixes them together. The resulting ink is Pantone 199 Red.




pressmanUsing the ink they just mixed, their Pantone formula guide, and the Pantone color chip as a color standard, the press operator will print the business cards, continually checking color against the Pantone formula guide.


its_a_matchWith the Pantone matching system, color consistency is guaranteed, from design to client, to pre press, through the pressroom, to final delivery.

It’s that simple.


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