Katalog Warna Pantone Solid Chips GP1606N

Pantone Graphics 102
Pantone Solid Chips Set

Katalog Warna Pantone Solid Chips GP1606N.

Katalog Warna Pantone Solid Chips ini mengandung 1867 warna Pantone Matching System, sudah termasuk 112 warna baru Pantone. Terdiri dari dua set buku Coated dan Uncoated.

katalog warna pantone


The PANTONE PLUS SERIES SOLID CHIPS set contains all 1,867 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors in a convenient, removable chip format that graphic designers, brand owners and printers can easily use to express, demonstrate and specify color inspiration and intent.



  • Two books: Solid Coated and Solid Uncoated
  • Tear-out chips on replaceable three-ring binder pages
  • 1,867 solid colors
  • Each page provides seven colors – six individual chips per color
  • Set demonstrates the effects of printing on coated and uncoated stocks for each color
  • Substrate: Ink on text-weight paper
  • All colors are printed using a uniform ink film thickness making them easy to match on press
  • PANTONE Colors are internationally recognized for color communication and are globally available
  • System supported by worldwide network of Pantone Licensees
  • Individual chips measure approximately 7/8″ x 1-1/8″
  • Individual book size: 10-1/4″ x 8-5/8″
  • ISBN #: 978-1-590654-01-9
  • UPC #: 8 49572 00540 8
  • Mailer Dimensions: 13″ x 9-1/4″ x 5″



  • Individual chips allow designers optimal color communication flexibility and versatility as they can be easily removed, built into color stories, re-arranged, attached onto design files, presentation and mood boards and then transported or shipped globally to representation exact color intent.
  • This two-book set features 1,867 Solid Colors printed and perforated into removable chips on both coated and uncoated paper.
  • New colors have been added to the front of the books, allowing designers to easily find 112 new means and opportunities for creativity.
  • Printed chip colors bleed off edges on three sides so colors can be best analyzed for matching when chips are laid on top of printed works during evaluation.
  • Colors are predominantly arranged chromatically and follow the same page order as PANTONE PLUS SERIES Guides to allow for ease in visually locating color families and ranges.
  • If searching for colors by number, users can find an easy- to-read index immediately after the new 112 colors and before the other 1,755.
  • Replacement pages provide designers and printers an economical means of keeping books fresh and complete and can be easily ordered at our Chip Replacement Pages page.
  • Chips are produced on text-weight paper in order to best simulate the most commonly used industry printing substrate.
  • All colors have been specially formulated to print using a uniform ink film thickness, making them easy to match on press.
  • Purchase of this guide set includes a free download of PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software, a $49 value. PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software allows upload of all the latest Pantone Color Libraries into your favorite design applications.

How To Use:

  • Locate colors by number by using the index immediately after the 112 New PANTONE Colors in the book.
  • Individual replacement pages can be found and ordered on pantone.com when frequently used colors require replenishment.
  • Compare and evaluate colors only under optimal lighting conditions. It is a best practice to use either a Lighting Indicator Sticker to determine if available lighting conditions are sufficient or a light booth supporting either D65 or D50 light sources.
  • Over time, any and all papers will yellow and inks will fade. In order to ensure you have the most accurate color for specification and evaluation, Pantone recommends that you replace your guides and books annually.

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