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Pantone Textile 178
Pantone TCX

pantone tcx

Pantone Cotton Passport 

Pantone TCX


The cotton passport is a portable, convenient color guide for designers, production managers and colorists on the go – now with 210 new colors. These new colors reflect current trends and the evolving color needs of the marketplace. From minion yellow to new deeper blacks and many others in between, pantone’s color intelligence has brought together a collection of 210 of the most important colors to meet the globally evolving color needs for the future. Since 2011, we have added 385 relevant, market-driven colors. Now, designers, colorists and technicians have more colors than ever to inspire their palette and create more with color. PANTONE fashion + home products have been rebranded to also include interiors for soft textile home goods. The new PANTONE fashion, home + interiors line of cotton products has been redesigned with high-end, durable textured binders with a sophisticated new look. The cotton passport is the perfect creative companion. A convenient, compact accordion-style format lets you see the entire library at a glance. The front pocket of the PANTONE fashion, home + interiors cotton passport has the new 210 colors. These PANTONE colors arranged in chromatic order. This product includes a free download of PANTONE color manager software upon product registration. This powerful software allows you to bring PANTONE colors into your favorite design applications. Pantone is the only internationally recognized color communication system. You can specify PANTONE colors with confidence even if your manufacturing is half a world away. Any PANTONE fashion, home + interiors color can be selected and communicated throughout the world by using the six-digit PANTONE number. The consistency and accuracy of the PANTONE colors assures reliable color reproduction time and time again.


The portable Cotton Passport holds all 2,310 Fashion, Home, & Interiors colors in an easy-to-carry format, allowing you to check fabric color in the stores, on customer visits, or at the mills. Cotton Passport is the only guide organized in an accordion format, allowing you to view and select from all colors at once.



  • One-volume portable cotton color reference in a folio-style format
  • Sixty-five 0.6” x 0.4” cotton chips per page are affixed to non-optically brightened paper
  • Each chip can be isolated individually for more accurate color viewing with the included white mask
  • Accordion-style pages allow you to view the entire 2,310 color palette at one time



  • 2,310 colors, including 210 new market-driven colors
  • All Pantone cotton colors formulated for achievability and fastness
  • Colors arranged in chromatic format, with index in the back providing numeric location for each color
  • Each color refers to a corresponding Swatch Card, the standard for color accuracy


Product Application

  • Use for textiles, apparel, soft home, and interiors products
  • Use for color inspiration, specification, and spot checking on the go


pantone tcx

pantone tcx

pantone tcx




Pantone TCX – FHIC200

Rp. 10.195.000,- Free Biaya Kirim

INFORMASI & ORDER : 0812-2061-5651 

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