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Buku Panduan Warna Pantone Fashion Home Interiors TPG

Pantone TPG

Pantone Fashion Home Interiors – Color Guide

Pantone TPG


Designed to show the appearance of color on product, the Color Guide illustrates all 2,310 of the Fashion, Home & Interiors colors as a lacquer coating on paper. The perfect tool for hard home, ceramics, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather applications, Color Guide is our most affordable and portable offering in the FHI system.


  • Portable fan deck in a two-volume set
  • Seven colors per page on 1.6” x 0.8” paper chips made of lacquer stripe coating on paper
  • TPG (Textile Paper – Green) suffix indicates the latest evolution of the FHI product line – we removed all lead and chromium content from the TPX products to offer a safer and environmentally friendly product



  • 2,310 colors, including 210 new market-driven colors
  • Color arranged in chromatic format, with 210 new colors displayed in the front of volume one
  • Each color referenced by a corresponding name and number



  • Use for hard home, ceramics, textiles, apparel, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories, and leather goods
  • Use for color inspiration, specification, and production at the office, lab, or on the go


Pantone TPG

Pantone TPG


Pantone Fashion Home Interiors FHIP110N

Rp. 4.200.000,- Free Biaya Kirim

INFORMASI & ORDER : 0812-2061-5651 Call/SMS/WA

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