Pantone TPX Terbaru

Pantone Textile 101
Pantone TPX Terbaru

Pantone Fashion Home Interiors

Pantone TPX terbaru

Miliki segera Pantone TPX Terbaru atauĀ Pantone Fashion+Home Interiors/FHI Color Guide FGP200, khusus untuk Anda yang bergerak di dunia textile, garment dan desain interiors.

Pantone ini berbentuk kipas dan mengandung 2100 warna Pantone untuk Textile (termasuk 175 warna baru).

Contoh kode warna Pantone TPX Terbaru :

Pantone 19-3620 TPX / Purple Reign

Pantone 17-3323 TPX / Iris Orchid

Pantone 15-5421 TPX / Aqua Green



The Pantone Textile Color Guides contain 2,100 shades at your fingertips. This fan deck 2 guide set is a portable, take-along guide that is ideal for sample shopping, client or vendor meetings and on-site reviews. Every color is numerically referenced and named in six languages. The specific name supports the numerical designation so that nothing is left up to the imagination. This set includes 175 new colors and the Color Manager Software download for digital management.


Pantone TPX TerbaruĀ 

Harga Rp. 3.100.000

Free Biaya Kirim

Order kontak segera ke 081220615651




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