Pantone Cotton Planner FHIC300 TCX

Cotton Planner / Pantone TCX SKU: FHIC300 The most popular desktop color reference for textile, fashion, home and interior designers, the Cotton Planner features all 2,310 Fashion, Home, and Interior System market-driven colors in cotton fabric in one handy and compact volume for office use. Format One-volume, three-ring binder desktop reference Sixty-five 0.6” x 0.4” cotton

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Pantone Premium Metallics

PANTONE Metallics Guide Set

Pantone Premium Metallics Coated  GG1505 Add pop and sizzle to your designs. The PLUS SERIES PREMIUM METALLICS is a new book of 300 dazzling metallic colors developed in response to the rapidly rising popularity of these special-effect inks. PLUS SERIES metallic colors have greater brilliance, can be easily coated without any loss in luster and have

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